Virginia Hunt Week

Virginia Hunt Week is back for 2023!

The schedule below is final.
Keep checking the phones! Some will update start times the night before. The weather may be an issue. Some last-minute changes are inevitable.

Virginia Hunt Week 2023 schedule
Monday, October 16  Keswick Hunt
Tuesday, October 17  Bull Run Hunt
Wednesday, October 18  Deep Run Hunt
Thursday, October 19  Farmington Hunt
Friday, October 20  Thornton Hill Hounds
Saturday, October 21  Warrenton Hunt
Sunday, October 22  Rappahannock Hunt
Monday, October 23  Shopping & Travel Day
Tuesday, October 24  Old Dominion Hounds
Wednesday, October 25  Bedford County Hunt
Thursday, October 26  Caroline Hunt
Friday, October 27  Oak Ridge Hunt
Saturday, October 28  Middlebrook Hounds
Sunday, October 29  Rockbridge Hunt

Please support our long-time sponsor, Horse Country (Facebook).

What you get:
  • Twelve days of hunting with different packs in the heart of Virginia!
  • An informal tailgate breakfast will follow each meet.
What you need to bring:
  • Most of the meets are part of cubhunting season and traditional ratcatcher attire is appropriate.
  • State law requires that proof of a negative Coggins test be presented at each meet for each horse present.
  • State law requires that horses transported into Virginia from other states must have a health certificate.
  • State law requires that participants carry a current Virginia hunting license while hunting. It is not the responsibility of each day's host hunt club to verify that participants obey the law by obtaining and carrying a hunting license but license fees support conservation and habitat preservation. Virginia Hunt Week organizers strongly encourage every foxhunter to purchase a license. If you live outside the state of Virginia and wish to purchase a license, you may purchase a license by phone or by mail or online, or at most Walmart stores. (You may read that you're required to pass the state-sanctioned hunter education program. That does not apply to foxhunters.)
Please return by mail:
  • The registration form and signed waiver, printed and completed. Participating juniors should have the waiver signed by a parent or guardian or their authorized agent. Registration forms are available as a PDF. There is also a PDF form you can fill in on the computer but you'll still have to print and mail it.
    Your paperwork will be processed upon receipt. Packets will be mailed to each participant after October 1, 2021.
  • Payment (personal check or money order made out to Virginia Hunt Week) should be mailed with the registration form and signed waiver. There is one fee for all Virginia Hunt Week activities. Regular hunting members of the affiliated hunt clubs (Bedford County Hunt, Bull Run Hunt, Caroline Hunt, Deep Run Hunt, Farmington Hunt, Keswick Hunt, Middlebrook Hounds, Oak Ridge Fox Hunt, Old Dominion Hounds, Rappahannock Hunt, Rockbridge Hunt, Thornton Hill Hounds, Warrenton Hunt) may participate for a fee of three hundred dollars ($300) per person. Other foxhunters will pay a fee of four hundred dollars ($400) per person.
    There are reduced fees for juniors and citizens of the UK.
    Anyone whose registration information is postmarked after midnight on September 30 will be charged an additional fifty dollars ($50).

Please support our long-time sponsor, Horse Country (Facebook).

The Masters of all participating Hunts have agreed not to allow capping on the day they host Virginia Hunt Week. This helps to support the event as a whole. If you're only able to attend two or three days of hunting, it's still well worth signing up!

Arrangements for human and equine accommodations are up to each participant.

For additional information, contact Hugh Brown, or 540-290-9868

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