Virginia Hunt Week 2021

Caroline Hunt
Monday, October 18, 2021

Fixture: Hampton Manor, Bowling Green, VA (once home to Salvadore Dali)
Start time: 9:00 a.m.
Attire: ratcatcher
More: There will be two flights and minimal jumping on this fixture. Breakfast outdoors afterwards for the field and guests.

From I95, take exit 104 on to Route 207 East.
Go 7.5 miles and turn right on Route 722 (Nelson Hill Road).
Go 2.2 miles and then turn right at the stop sign on to Antioch Road.
Go 1.9 miles and turn right on Richmond Turnpike (Route 301).
Go .8 miles (that's 8 tenths of a mile) and turn left on Sparta Road (Route 721). Go 1.2 miles ***DO NOT TURN AT THE HAMPTON MANOR SIGN BECAUSE YOU AND YOUR TRAILER WILL HAVE TO BE CUT OUT OF THE DRIVEWAY*** and turn left on Perimeter Road. Go .4 miles (that's 4 tenths of a mile) and the road takes a hard turn to the right, but stay straight onto Hampton Manor Road. Go past small houses and park in the hay field to the right. We will be there to greet you!

Contact Elizabeth Ferrer -- phone or text -- 804-370-4396. Also email any time the night before or day of for verification of hunt fixture. Change of fixture would usually only be for soggy fields that won’t support trailers.

In the event we cannot park on the fields at Hampton, we will hunt from the kennels at 17237 Antioch Road, Milford VA. Follow directions from I95 until you are on Antioch Road and only go 1.4 miles to turn left into the kennels (black board fence on both sides of the drive).

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